The Most Powerful Creation Of Success Is Within All Of Us – USE IT!

Mindsetism – The Study of Growing Your Perfect Mindset

What does your mindset say about you? Does it need changing or are you happy with the way it is? Either way, it’s always best to keep ahead of the game and keep a healthy and productive set of rules that fit your needs.

Mindset Power

What is Mindset?

Your mindset has been developed throughout your life by how you have interpreted what you have conceived to be true. Having been taught a certain way, your thoughts and conceptions are set to the mind.

Often the mindset can hold an individual back from accomplishing and receiving greater things in life. If you’re not happy about how your life is turning out, you may have a fixed mindset that, if left to run, will be unable to change your current circumstances.

If, however, your life is happy and contented, your mindset has adapted a way of combating your thoughts to deal with certain everyday situations that a negative fixed mindset fails to conquer.

A fixed mindset may control thoughts and actions in a negative way, such as disbelief that a person will not be able to accomplish a task successfully. Already, in that mindset, the task will be harder to complete, if completed at all. A fear of failure mindset is imprinted in many of us.

A ‘can-do‘ mindset will breed success. The very thought that something can be accomplished, however it may seem unlikely to some, will have a positive result with a determined mindset.

The plan here is to possess a growth mindset through motivation and taking action. Everyone with even a smattering if intelligence can accomplish whatever they set out to do…with the right mindset.

Born Lucky?

It has nothing to do with being lucky or born with a talent. Some very talented people have gone through life without success simply because their mindset was fixed and was not allowed to grow through self-belief.

How many times have you heard of a person being a ‘wasted talent’ or, he could ‘achieve greatness if only he set his mind to it’?

Think of your current mindset. Are you happy the way things have turned out? Do you think you deserve better in life but your thoughts won’t allow you to believe you do? Has your mind been programmed from an early age to not expect too much?

You know you are better than your current position in life, but how can you change the situation?

Has your personality been set for life? Are your talents being used for the good of you? Is your intelligence at a set level?

Of course not.

Mindset Growth

With a fixed mindset you are limited to what you can receive and achieve. The mindset needs to grow and be nurtured into becoming a production machine that will easily allow your actions to gain success.

A simple skill like having the right mindset would solve so many of life’s problems too. Obesity would be wiped out, money problems would be a thing of the past, relationships would flourish and people would get along just fine…if the mindset was allowed to grow instead of stagnate.

So, how can a mindset be changed?

No one is going to change your mindset for you, it really is up to the individual. The people who don’t want to change their mindset must be happy with their lot. But those of us who know they can do better in life, and deserve a better standard of living, understand that getting rid of the fixed mindset is a must. Our thoughts and actions have not served us well thus far.

The key to growing a stronger mindset has a number of factors:


We all know how difficult it is to get motivated when we need to do something that can change our life. But the simple fact is, motivation is easy to produce. As Nike say, just do it. Don’t think about it, just do it. If you think about the problems too long, the task becomes ever more difficult. Just do it…plain and simple. You will be surprised how easy it becomes once you take away hesitation.

Habit Forming

They say it takes 30-days of repeated application for a ‘thing’ to become a habit. This is very true, in fact I would wager it takes less than 30-days. For example, say you are determined to lose weight but find it difficult to even start. You decide to walk a minimum of 3 miles to lose 2lbs a week but the thought of getting up and going out there fills you with dread. Well, read the motivation paragraph above and then do it every day until it becomes a habit. You will succeed by just doing these two simple things.

Your mindset will have grown and because you have succeeded and proved it works, you will go on to accomplish many other things you’ve always wanted to do.

Read About Change

This is important. To keep your mindset in growth mode, you need to keep reading and studying the concept of mind change. Some will call it the Law of Attraction, some Mindfulness, but at the end of the day, they both work when practised and studied.

Law of Attraction involves thinking the right way to get what you want from life. In other words, growing your mindset to believe you can accomplish success. Tied in with LOA is manifesting. This is forming an image in your mind to receive anything you want. You then think from the mind about actually being in possession of the thing you want. That thing is already out there waiting for you to receive it. You see…mindset changing.

Your mindset will change to positive and block out negative enabling you to concentrate only on the good things that are ready to come your way. To learn manifesting can be a daunting task, but you don’t need to read great, long books to start. I’ve found online eBooks offer a terrific way to understand, and practice, what’s needed to make manifesting work.

Get Rid of Negativity

This is covered by the paragraph above, but if you don’t want to study further, then simply get rid of self-doubt. Instead of saying ‘I can’t do it’ say ‘Yes, I’ll give it my best shot’.

Change your mindset to make positive decisions in every situation. It doesn’t mean you will succeed every time, but simply ‘giving it a go’ will begin to set the mindset change ball rolling.

Become Grateful

We all take things for granted. You are a living organism that has the miracle of life at your fingertips. Be thankful that you have this chance to accomplish anything you put your mind to, So many successful people have initially failed in their endeavour to become a success. Reading through history, many inventors messed up in the beginning but being in possession of an ever-growing mindset, they overcome the doubts and fears and succeeded.

You are no different to them. It’s not about intelligence and talent, it’s about getting things done and finishing what you set out to accomplish. Giving up should never be an option. Being thankful for the ability to try again is a powerful concept. Be grateful that you have the chance to succeed.

Thank the universe that you have choices. If you have no choice then find a way to accomplish an equal outcome.

Just Do It

All those things above are a way of changing your mindset for the better. If you’re not happy with the way your life has turned out, there’s plenty of time for you to correct it. Enjoy the practice of getting to know the real you. The more the mindset grows the more things will improve and succeed.

Are you prepared to just amble along without getting what you deserve from life?

No? Then it’s the right time to set your mind to greater things. Don’t just ‘put up’ with your circumstances, go out there and fight for your right to be happy.

It’s not that difficult. You’re just making excuses in your fixed mindset that you cannot accomplish what you really want.

Change your mindset, change your life.