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15 Minute Manifestation | Legit or Quit? Find Out Here!

When searching for reviews or specific details about the 15 Minute Manifestation program in Google or Bing, you are likely to come up against a thousand and one review websites all trying to flog you the course! So is it Legit or Quit?

15 Minute Manifestation Legit or quit review

Most of these are people trying to earn a buck from Affiliate Marketing and so will give the course a great review. Why wouldn’t they?

Some of these reviews (only a handful, mind) are genuine but other types of ‘review’ websites are just plain lazy and use spun content to just get it ranking up the search engines so their website appears on the first page of Google. This is in the hope that someone will click on their affiliate link and buy the product. They will then earn a commission.

That’s an incredibly lazy and pretty underhand way of doing things!

Who To Believe?

If you are prepared to go through every single review, you might find just a handful who HAVE actually purchased the 15 Minute Manifestation course, been through it and gave an honest opinion. This very website is one of those actual real review websites.

But, there are also folk who want to delve a little deeper and become a detective about who the actual author of the program is. There are also those who try to get in the back door by searching for sneaky ways to get it without handing over their hard earned money.

So, with all that in mind, I thought I’d write a post saving people the time of searching down a dark alley looking for stuff that probably isn’t there!

The search queries below (in bold) are keywords, or phrases, that are being searched for when looking for info on the 15 Minute Manifestation Program. I will write a short(ish) answer under each one to save you the time of digging around looking for the needle in the haystack, and hopefully coming up with a quick yes or no.

Here goes: Main Search Terms are the Titles and in Bold

15 Minute Manifestation Login

This is searched by either those who want to have a go at cracking the log-in code and sneaking in through the back door or, more likely, those who have bought the program and have lost the log-in page.

Well, you won’t find the page listed on any search engines. You would have had to buy the course and then you would have been sent an email with the link for your new downloads and a log in password. The best way to get in touch, if you have lost your email, log in details and the website address is to contact the makers. The email address is shown below:

customer_support(at) – obviously change the (at) for @ – bots will spam the hell out of it if left the original way and I’m sure the author wouldn’t thank me for doing that!

15 Minute Manifestation Review Reddit

This is a strange one. People trust Reddit, or rather, think they can get some juicy information about, well, anything, on there. Well, I have to disappoint you but Reddit is full of dodgy reviews about the program.

Internet Marketers realize the huge audience Reddit has and so they quickly make an account and start a sub-Reddit with their review (a video or quick ‘heads-up’) along with their affiliate link.

Often these are taken down by the Reddit spam department, but many slip through the net. You might get some questions on there, but the answers will take you to that affiliate link!

Most of the questions are by Affiliate Marketers anyway, trying to look like a real Reddit user.

15 Minute Manifestation Affiliate

This search query is for affiliate marketers wanting to earn a commission when someone buys the program from their link. They will write a review and hopefully get a reward from the author for selling it, if the review ends in a sale.

There’s nothing dodgy about this, it’s the way of the world of affiliate marketing, but just make sure that if you do want to purchase the course from a review, make sure that the review is real.

You can usually tell by either proof of purchase detailed within the review, or it’s so in-depth that the reviewer has put a lot of time and effort into it. Besides, common sense should tell you if the reviewer is for real by the quality of their website.

15 minute manifestation affiliate

If you are one of those reviewers who would like to earn money from the 15 Minute Manifestation, then head on over to Clickbank, make an account (it’s free) and grab your affiliate link.

Just search for the program and away you go. There are plenty of YouTube videos that explain the process of signing up if you get stuck.

15 Minute Method Review

This keyword phrase is for those who can’t quite remember the name of the product or are looking for a completely different program. There are many products out there that like to use the ‘15 minute phrase’, from horse racing systems to weight loss diets…the world like things done quickly these days!

15 Minute Manifestation Meditation

Indeed, the program contains slight meditation techniques, so the search is merited. Inside the program, you will have 3 binaural beat tracks that include a set of subliminal messages and thoughts.

All you have to do is sit and relax, put a good set of headphones on and clear your mind. The object here is to reach the theta level of meditation.

15 minute manifestation meditation

It’s the 4th step of 5 in standard meditating. When you’re at your most alert you are in the Gamma (30Hz and above) state of Brainwaves. Then Beta (13Hz – 30Hz), which means the mind state you’re probably in right now…wide awake and focused.

Next is the Alpha state (8Hz – 13Hz) where you’re relaxed but ‘in the zone’ and feeling bright without any stress.

The next state is where we need to be at…theta. Theta level (4Hz – 8Hz) is where the mind is calm, deeply relaxed and in a creative thought mode. The binaural beats will get you there by using the right frequency of ‘noise’ needed to tune in to that level. Here, the subliminal affirmations take over. You won’t hear them, but they are there. They plant suggestions and proactive speech into your inner mind for you to react to in your conscious mind, or, recreate in everyday life.

Whilst in this state of mind you will be thinking positively about the life you want to live, and only thinking positive thoughts.

Going to the 5th state of mind, Delta (0.1Hz – 4Hz) means you’ve probably fell asleep and are being taken into a dream state.

Eddie Sergey Biography

Eddie Sergey is the author, so it’s inevitable that people will want to read about his history. Well, sorry to disappoint again, but there’s no biography of Eddie Sergey on the net.

His story is told in the 15 minute manifestation sales video. Always be a bit wary if you can’t find any info on the author of a program that is selling well online. It’s not to say he’s not real, it could be just a case of him using a pen name, as many people do. I don’t mind either way. The program is good, so I’m not too bothered who wrote it…I just know its decent material.

Eddie Sergey Facebook

eddie sergey facebook 15 minute manifestation

Nope, not on Facebook either.

There are Facebook accounts (many) purporting to be Eddie Sergey and ones that are said to be the 15 minute manifestation official page (also many), but are most likely to be those darn affiliates again!

My advice is not to look too deeply into social signals these days. It would be nice to have a genuine face of Sergey with a Facebook page, but would you be comfortable doing it? It could be that Eddie Sergey just doesn’t exist, so why would he have a Facebook account?

So, I would say stay away from social stuff regarding this product…you don’t know who’s behind those Facebook pages!

15 Minute Manifestation Instructions

People do search for this even though the instructions are in the ‘quick start’ guide. Or, perhaps they just want to know how it all works before they buy it.

Basically, you have 3 tracks to listen to. When relaxing for 15 minutes a day, put on a set of headphones and think of your best possible future.

There are more instructions right here, but the basics are just to relax, close your eyes and let the binaural beats take you over. You do this for 15 minutes for each of the 3 tracks…in order.

So, 7 days for track one, 7 days for track two and 7 days for track 3 making 21 days in all. You don’t stop there though. You keep going for the foreseeable future. The first 21 days are to tune your mind into yourself. The rest will follow as you start seeing out of the ordinary, positive changes enter in your life.

15 Minute Manifestation CDs

No, there are no CD’s. It’s all done by mp3’s that you download to your device. There’s nothing stopping you burning those tracks onto CD if that’s a better option for you, but there are no CD’s with this program.

15 Minute Manifestation Eddie Sergey Free Mp3 Download

No free downloads either. There is a bonus download of binaural sleep tracks once you buy the program, but you won’t find any free downloads anywhere on the net. If you do, they’re wrong ‘un’s!

15 Minute Manifestation Free Mp3 Download

Same query, just another way of saying it but includes the author’s name. Again, no free downloads of this program.

There is, however, a free bonus inside of the members area once you’ve bought the main product. It’s all about the importance of power napping. Binaural Beats rule again!

Eddie Sergey 15 Minute Manifestation Review

Okay, people are now desperate to find a good review! They must have heard of Eddie Sergey, so they’ve gone next level detective! Of course, these will be more reviews about the same product. Some Internet Marketers will use this keyword phrase just be make sure they catch potential buyers in their net.

It’s all about ranking in the top 3 of Google and more keywords equals more chances of getting to the top spot. Most people don’t click through to websites that are below 3rd place in the search engines and when you consider the top 3 places are usually taken up by ads, it takes a monumental effort by these marketers to get anywhere near them!

It’s actually very hard to rank a website on the first page, or even 5th page, for a popular keyword. It’s called SEO, or search engine optimization. If you look for any of these search terms, mentioned in this post, particularly in the Bing search engine, you will see a ton of paid ads at the top. No so much for Google because they hate affiliates and will ban them as soon as they sniff them out!

15 Minute Manifestation Free Download

Here we go again. No free downloads available for this program. There are, of course, torrent websites out there that could have the program, but then you might get you collar felt for downloading illegally.

There are also Black Hat forums that might have the course within their ranks for you to download for free…but, they may also have a nasty little virus attached to them. So if you do want the course, get it legally and stay safe!

15 Minute Manifestation YouTube

You will see plenty of videos about the course on YouTube, but not the actual program.

Thousands of affiliate marketers again doing their business. It’s almost impossible to find a good video review about this course!

Most are thrown up to try and catch someone unawares or to get link juice from YouTube to their review.

Some use a link cloaker or URL shortener to disguise the fact they’re linking to a Clickbank product, but don’t be fooled. You will have a real job finding a genuine review on YouTube.

15 Minute Manifestation Free Audio Download

There that word FREE again. You will not find a legitimately free download of this course anywhere on the net. It just doesn’t exist.

15 Minute Manifestation Eddie Sergey Free Download

Again with the Free! This time leaving out the mp3 bit. Isn’t it amazing how many searches are for the same thing only written slightly differently? I suppose we’re all different, but everyone wants FREE!!

15 Minutes Manifestation Reviews

Notice the word review has an ‘s‘ on the end of it?

People are, again, searching for reviews or experiences with the course. If you are going to wade through the thousands of websites offering reviews, make sure you look out for tell-tale signs that the website is a genuine one.

What I mean by that is, does it look like it’s been thrown together for just one product review? Or does it look like the review fits the genre? If you find a review on a personal blog with lots of other content related to manifesting and the law of attraction, you may have found a genuine review.

Eddie Sergey Website

No, Eddie Sergey doesn’t have a personal website. I would imagine it’s a pen name anyway, so his website would be the product. There are two versions…the video website and the text website.

Eddie Sergey Wikipedia

No Eddie on Wikipedia. Also, no entry for the program either…but no harm in looking, although it was a long shot.

15 Minute Manifestation Amazon

This is a popular search but those who end up on Amazon looking for this will be disappointed. There is someone trying to sell a 15 page eBook in the same name, but that’s just a short sales eBook that will take you to the website where you will have to pay for the program anyway.

15 Minute Manifestation Amazon

A couple of people fell for it, but have left bad reviews which tells me the seller is a chancer and will be struck off Amazon in the near future. So, the 15 minute manifestation course is NOT available on Amazon, nor will it ever be. Stay away.

15 Minute Manifestation Discount

Ah, yes…everyone likes a discount. Well here’s a secret for you that might work, (or might not). Go through the sales patter, waiting for the page to fully load, then click away from the page after a couple of minutes. You will then sometimes be offered a discount.

This might not happen as you may have to be in the right place at the right time. They could have taken the discount down, so don’t be too upset if you don’t see it.

Manifestation Audio

Yes, the 15 minute manifestation does use audio in the form of mp3. You will get 3 tracks which are in the form of Binaural Beats.

Imbedded onto the tracks are subliminal, almost silent, messages. These are detailed on the review page.

The first audio track is programmed to get rid of your past negative thoughts and emotions. The idea here is that you start with a new mind set which will enable all positive thoughts to stay there and all negative thoughts to dissolve.

Track two is your movie. This sounds weird but you have to imagine you are the director, producer and star of YOUR life movie. In this movie you imagine yourself living the best life you possibly can and going through it in fine detail.

Track three puts it all together and clears your minds path to instruct you to live the life you have just imagined as real.

Sounds quirky, but, if given time and patience, you really can live the life you want. I guess it also depends on how serious you are about changing your present circumstances, but I’m all for getting into the right mind set. The right mindset means living your best life.

Theta Waves

Theta waves…now there a subject that I won’t dwell on and, instead, point in the direction of a much better explanation than I could ever possibly give. Click here to learn all about Theta meditation and Theta waves.

Is 15 Minute Manifestation A Scam?

Nope! Many people scream scam when something they try doesn’t work. It’s a cop out. The truth is that if you use this program in the way it was designed, you cannot help to feel a new positive energy inside of you.

The rest will be up to you. It’s a case of whether you have committed to changing your mindset, or just hoped that by listening to 3 tracks that your life will change.

If you go into any program like this, you have to be 100% determined to change. Not only in your actions but your train of thought too.

This program will help iron out a lot of early problems that have messed with your life thus far and resulted in your current mindset.

It will then provide space to insert positive thoughts and actions that will become second nature to you over time.

You have to realize that you WANT to change. Expecting it to happen overnight is stuff of magic and miracles…that just doesn’t happen. No, to make real life changes starts deep within yourself, no one else can change you, but you.

So, no, the 15 minute manifestation is not a scam. It’s a tool to help get you the life you’ve always wanted.

Believe in yourself, change your mindset and commit to making your life GREAT!

More Search Terms

This was only a handful of search terms for anything related to the 15 minute manifestation program. There are tons, thousands, of others, but these are the main ones and I guess they sum up what the majority of potential buyers are searching for.

In the end, we should stop looking for the easy way to get this program, or any life changing product. Trying to get anything for free devalues it in my opinion. Paying for something brings a commitment and a positive train of thought.

Hope this helps.