The 5 P’s to Success With The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction provides humanity with the ability to undertake wealth creation and achieving financial success at levels not thought possible until the presentation of the film “The Secret”.

With the revelation from this film still reverberating around the world and multiplying through new related books, CD’s, Videos and endorsements from leading personalities in the media, we have yet to see this issue peak, even now it’s 2017.

While researching some related matter I came across the following five P’s to success thinking, hand written on a piece of paper inside a library book. No authors name was mentioned but I found them so profoundly fitting that I thought I had to spread them out to you as well.

The points covered the following issues:

I trust you find them as interesting as I did:

1. Procrastination


Human nature tells us that it can always be done “tomorrow”. Procrastination can be a slow and painful way to attain goals and dreams. It is always easiest to procrastinate on the tasks or jobs we need to do that are usually the most mundane and not fun to do.

Guess what? These tasks more times than not are the ones that we need to do attain our goals and dreams much faster than if we procrastinate. Do it today and do it well.

2. Persistence


Did you realize that there are countless stories of people that quit right before they would have found their dream? We all know of these stories and deep down inside we hope that this will not be us!

At one point in my life I was in franchising. We had a business that we wanted to franchise and one of our consultants told us, in one of our very first meetings, something that I will not soon forget. He said “Never, never, never, never quit!”.

His point was if you have a goal/dream/desire you want, and it is worthy of your pursuit, don’t ever give up!. Persistence is defined as what is needed after whatever emotional “high” you had at the start of your journey wears off.

Think about that statement. When we first start working towards a goal or dream, don’t we have an emotional upswing? Of course we do. It is what follows in the weeks and months ahead that truly define your integrity of attaining your goals.

Persistence is what separates those that almost get there from those that attain what they want!

3. Passion


Have you ever met someone that just exudes excitement? This type of person is what I call “contagious”. Like Tiger Woods, they have a passion for life, a passion for their work and most importantly a passion for people!

They truly are happy people! The passion you have for whatever you want to attain is something that you must acquire. Don’t ever start anything without a passion to accomplish it. Passion is sometimes referred to as a persons “Why”. The “Why” of doing something. Find your own “Why” for what you want to accomplish and you will not be able to stop reaching your goals!

It matters very little, what vehicle you utilize to reach your goals as long as you apply your passion to your efforts. One such vehicle is the Origins by Katherine Hurst. If followed to the book, you’re efforts will be rewarded from using your Passion.

4. Proactive


Being proactive is somewhat tied in with procrastination. You see, a lot of people that I talk with daily are dissatisfied. They do not enjoy their job. If they do like their job, they don’t like the hours.

They are not happy with their economic situation. They are buried in a mountain of debt. They are what I like to call …… “stuck” in their own thinking and circumstances. I personally have witnessed people from very difficult situations apply these principles, the 5 P’s, and seen them totally change their lives.

Being proactive is finding a vehicle to attain what you desire and applying these principles to it. You will not find the “perfect” vehicle to accomplish your dreams, but this is of little relevance. Find one that will pay you well for your effort and apply yourself with these principles and you will not be stopped!

5. Perspiration


We all have seen or heard about programs that seem to promise “instant riches”. Guess what? There is not get rich quick scheme short of winning the lottery. If you like the odds of 1 in 55,000,000, by all means keep buying lottery tickets.

Otherwise, keep reading. Attaining ones goals and dreams will most certainly require work!

Sorry to disappoint anyone but you have to work to attain what you want. No one is going to hand you anything in life. Have you ever wondered why the children of some of the very wealthy people, always seem to be in the headlines in a bad light? Most, not all of the time, these kids have never had to work for anything.

Work is required to accomplish anything of value. If you are willing to work, follow a proven plan and a system already in place, you can truly reach for the stars!

Switch your mindset to automatically see the good in people and well as life. Thinking and acting negatively will get you nowhere fast!