About Mindsetism

Why I do this.

After years of questioning why my life always seemed to be spiraling downwards, I decided to find out what it was that kept me bad tempered, pessimistic and always unlucky.

I won’t go into great detail of how my life was panning out, but after 50 years, I’d had enough.

I was the guy who always seemed to get the shitty end of the stick, the one who couldn’t catch a break.

Before you think I was just being paranoid, downbeat and lazy, let me tell you, nothing could be further from the truth.

I’ve always been a hard worker, always played by the rules and always tried to improve my life.

In those 50 years, I’ve studied hard, worked over and above the norm and been a regular nice guy. But where did it get me?

Nowhere Fast, that’s where.

Every decision I made was always the wrong one. If someone asked me to choose between two roads to take with one being safety, the other being danger, I would always choose the one headed for danger. It was uncanny.

Why was this? Why did my decisions always turn out to be wrong?

Was I Going Crazy?

I had a vision that there was something in control of my life and was having fun messing around with it…like a game. It was like there was gamer from another time dimension in another world who’s aim of this game was to see everything the character (me) did ended in failure and misery.

Yup, I really thought that.

As crazy as it sounds, I couldn’t put my finger on why bad things happened to me almost every day. And whatever I did would only end in failure. It was the aim of this imaginary game from another universe.

Or, that I must have done something really bad in a previous life and I was being punished for that in this life.

Wow! Crazy, right?

Looking back now, I realise it was such a stupid concept, I’m almost embarrassed to write about it now.

Just to quickly mention some of the things that made me come to such stupid conclusions.

Failed school, failed relationships, failed work enterprises, failed investments, failed health, failed life…I could go on. It would take a book to list my failures and not one positive would feature.

Time To Wise Up

It was only when I hit the 50 years on this planet that I started to wonder whether life was supposed to be like this. And why is this happening to people like me every day when others seem to breeze through life.

What was their secret?

Why did some of my friends always seem to be getting a much better deal?

Why were some people happy with their lot?

How come some people always seemed to get the rub of the green…always?

If I’m such a decent human being, why is life treating me like a loser?

Why do some people always make the right decisions when others always make the wrong ones?

There must be a reason? Surely? It’s not as if we’re a different breed?

And now after, 53 years, I now know the answer.


It took me 3 years of testing things out and delving deep within myself that I realised I had to change something about the way I was doing things. Change how I thought and reacted to situations. I had to overcome self-doubt and self-hatred.

I really struggled to set myself free of this mindset of negativity, self-loathing and scepticism.

The first 50 years of my life had been controlled by how I thought I should do things…and it had failed. Now, I was willing to listen and learn about how to reprogram my mindset. At 50, it was a daunting task. Was it too late to make these colossal changes?

Did I really believe I could alter my mindset to a complete opposite of what I had for the last 50 years?

When you’ve had enough of life and start wondering about your sanity, you begin to get a little scared about the future. I was at that stage, so I was ready to do, and believe, anything that would help me change things around for the good.

This, in a nutshell, is how I did it and am now living a life a polar opposite of what was once a living hell.

Opening Up the Mind

First thing I did was open my mind. It was closed so firmly that it took a hypothetical crowbar to open it up. The secret is to keep it open and never allow it to slam shut.

Take time to listen and try to understand processes that seem ‘a little out there’.

And then implement them…what had I got to lose?

Keep my mind in a state of learning. Don’t regret anything I try.

Read those crazy eBooks that promise me manifesting works…it does!

Keep it simple, don’t overthink anything, don’t analyse too much. Just do it.

Sounds really simple doesn’t it?

But it took a huge leap of faith in believing that my mindset could be changed. If I can truly believe it can be altered then I’m half way to becoming a new me.

Some people call this the Law of Attraction, or the Secret, or Mindfulness, or Manifesting, I’ve found it’s all of those, but at the end of the day, it’s all about mindset. And that’s why I like to call it an ‘ism’…Mindsetism.

Read, Read, & Read Again

I pick up so many eBooks on the subject it’s almost an obsession. I pick up little nuggets of information from almost all the stuff I read.

I have read books from the people who are well known in this area, leaders, if you like, and are seen as the ‘go to’ people when someone wants to learn this stuff, but you really don’t need to read those 500 page books to understand  what has to be done to change your mindset and your life.

It’s really simple in theory, but harder to accomplish in real life.

You don’t need thousands of pages to tell you that.

That’s why after reading books by Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Hicks, etc. from the modern era and Napoleon Hill, Carnegie and Wattles from the older generation I’ve come to realise that most of it can be condensed into around 40 pages.

It’s then up to you to follow the basic principles and put your own spin on things.

That’s why I recommend these crazy little eBooks you can buy online. They give you a fast track way of learning this stuff instead of reading tomes of theory of what is essentially the same advice.

eBooks Are Condensers

People say these ebooks are nothing but cheap scams. Have you ever read one?

They tell you in 40-50 pages what the so-called gurus tell you without charging an arm and a leg, or having to read page after page of the same stuff.

Sounds like I’m a salesman for these little eBooks doesn’t it? Well, I guess I am, because if you have the right attitude to follow instructions, leaving the scepticism behind, you will change your present situation. Keep using mindsetism to get to where you want to be.

I’m not talking about getting a new car, or a promotion at work, I’m talking about a total life change if you want it.

I must admit I have little time for people who just want to ‘manifest’ luxury goods. If all you need in your life is a car, aren’t you already happy enough? To me, it’s all or nothing in my eyes. I was desperate for a life change and it happened by just following simple eBook instructions.

So, if you want to find out which of these eBooks work then you’re in the right place…I’ve bought most of them!

And, as it’s a hobby of mine to get these and read through them, I have gone one step further and put my thoughts down on this blog.

Don’t get me wrong here, there are some eBooks and courses about he Law of Attraction that are total failures no matter how open minded you are! Be assured, I won’t waste your time by giving such books web space.

I will, however, write about the good ones. I buy most of them so am able to really tell you ‘what’s inside’ these publications.

I can do this because those little books helped me change my mindset and can help change yours too. I call it a Mindsetism outlook.

What About the Naysayers?

Of course, some people will cry scam, rubbish, rip-off…. well, I don’t care. These people may have bought the book and realised it’s just not possible to carry out and complete. They then fail and because of failure they take it out on the creators.


If you’re not gonna put the work in, then it won’t work. How much do they really want to change their present situation anyway?

This blog is for people who really, 100%, want to change their lives and not for the people who just want to slightly improve their lives.

Some of the books I cover are aimed at the ‘manifest a car’ type… but let me assure you, the principles are the same for changing anything you want, it’s up to you how far you want to take it.

For me, it was a complete life change.

For the record, I’m now a happy and contended family man and my thoughts and actions are what saved me from being the loser I’d always been.

Don’t listen to the naysayers… with the right attitude and mindset (coz that all it is) your life can be turned around.

Open your mind, free yourself of scepticism and take advantage of what is taught.

I Tell It Like It Is

My reviews of these products will not be the same as those who want to just make a quick buck from promoting them. Most have not even bought or read them! This is where the whole idea of buying eBooks is given a bad name. I’ve even fell for it in the past.

Too much hype and not enough truth.

You may tar me with the same brush as those reviewers, but that’s OK, I understand it’s difficult to find honest reviews ANYWHERE on the net! You just have to understand that I really do use and buy these products and continue to do so.

I only know of two reviewers who are the real deal out of thousands, and I know they have the same outlook and experiences as me. So yeah, it’s tough finding a reliable source. I get it.

If you want to ask any questions, then go for it on my contact page. I tell it like it is, so I won’t give you any fluff or filler. I worked hard to turn my life around and it took some sacrifices, but it’s something I had to do and I’m all the better for doing it.

Long road – Right Destination.