Accountability For Your Actions

We talk so often about what we want out of life, our dreams and expectations, that wish to create wealth, yet most of us never take the steps to complete want we already have in our lives.

Accountability For Your Actions

Time To Get A Grip!

In this short post, today I want to talk about Accountability and Action, for without these two factors being actioned you will stay where you are and end your days not dreaming how wonderful things could be, but regretting the waste of your life and what could have been.

The creation of the wealth we seek will never be fulfilled. Just look at the statistics below and you will see what inaction can bring.

Within most western or well to do countries, if you take a hundred people and watched them right through their lives up until they reached 65 years of age, you would find that about 25 have already died. 20 would have incomes of less than $10,000 and be below the poverty line, 51 would have annual incomes between $10,000 and $35,000 with a medium of about $18,000, only 4 will have an income above $35,000 and just one (1) would be well off or a millionaire.

These figures come from the book “The Millionaire Next Door” published in 2004 but I feel very confident they would ring true today.

Your Own Worst Enemy...or Friend?

We have to stop making excuses and blaming everything we can think off for our failings, I repeat “our failings” to make the best of out of our lives.

You must accept that you are accountable for your situation, whether you are happy in the work you are doing and the wage you receive extending out into your private life with friends and family.

All too often we all fall back into just thinking this is the best I can do. It’s not too bad and there is only 20 – 30 years until I can retire and do what I want. You saw the figures above, now ask yourself just what are you going to be doing on those figures?

Ask yourself, what steps to creation of wealth and happiness am I prepared to take?

accountability and action

Plan Your Attack

If we accept that we are accountable for our position and the distance it is away from our dreams then we must take action. Actions that will drive us in the direction we must take to get what we want.

Let’s really face the true reality; the direction we want may mean we actually have to take a step back from our current level to change the branch of the tree we are climbing. It may mean less money for a while, needing to do extra schooling, but you will never know how it will turn out if you don’t have a go.

So, take the actions necessary, consult your partners, your friends, your family for the guidance they can supply. Do remember to shed the negative comments the “you can’t do that etc”.

It's NEVER too Late!

How many people do you know who do nothing different and wonder why nothing else changes in their lives?

You must remain motivated for more than a few weeks; you have to ask yourself quality questions about the actions you are taking to ensure you move forward as quickly as you can.

Look outside of your job you love, if you are one of the fortunate few to really enjoy what you do. See what further education in investing etc can do to make you use your income more wisely and to generate the wealth you dream about, which in turn provides the quality of life that you want and will let you enjoy it “today”, not some tomorrow hidden so far down the pathway of our lives we have yet to even think it a possibility.

Accept your Accountability and take Action to change your life. It’s never too late to make that move. See the future you want and go for it. Everything you want from life is right there waiting for you to accept it.

Work hard, adapt your mindset and reap the benefits. Then one day this may be yours!