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Manifestation Hack Review | Arron Surtees The Proof You Need

Just wanted to write a quick post about the Manifestation Hack from Aaron Surtees. There are a lot of dodgy reviews going around that are, shall we say, disingenuous? Let’s put that right.

Manifestation Hack Concerns

Now, most of you may have probably been sent an email promoting this Manifestation Hack program and are now looking for reviews… genuine reviews from real people. At the moment, the reviews found on the internet about the Manifestation Hack are mostly copy and pasted drivel, all giving this product 5 stars without telling you what it actually is.

That’s because none of those reviewers have even tried this Manifestation Hack out. Transparency here…neither have I, but I can tell you what it’s about because I’ve investigated it and researched the guy behind it.

The main reason why people want reviews about this program is to see if the people behind it are real people who practice what they preach. As you probably know, in most cases the creators are using fake names and testimonials to sell their ‘all-new-change-your-life-manifestation’ product.

Well, with that in mind, I won’t beat about the bush, you just need to know what the Manifestation Hack is, and if the people behind it are real, breathing and walking human beings.

What is the The Manifestation Hack ?

It’s a hypnosis/meditation program. The Manifestation Hack is a set of 3 audio files, or modules, that you listen to in order to change your mindset. You visualise the life you want with positive thoughts and repetition which will eventually kill the negativity sitting there in your conscious mind.

The audio consists of the creator speaking subliminal ‘high energy’ words and phrases by hypnosis that taps inside your subconscious mind. You just need to listen, not even concentrate, just relax and listen. It’s all about tones and messages reaching deep inside your psyche.

There are three 10-minute audios that you listen to over a period of time. It will depend how much negativity you have inside that will determine the length of time before you start manifesting the things you want. This is Professional mind reprogramming.

This way of manifesting is nothing new, but for it to be successful it relies on the level of faith the purchasing consumer has in the creator of the program that really counts.

More on that after we look at the 3 modules, or audio files, contained in the Manifestation Hack.

Manifestation Hack Modules

1 – Your mind will be reprogrammed to have total belief in your abilities to manifest unlimited quantities of money.

2 – Powerful visuals will be placed in your subconscious mind and will create the inner certainty needed for manifesting limitless money and success

3- You will unleash the motivation and focus required for boundless success in business, for profitability and wealth.

Just keep listening until your have your manifestation. And then keep listening!

Manifestation Hack Creator Aaron Surtees

So, is the guy a real person? Many of these products are made by anonymous people using fake names and false qualifications. I’m sure you’ve suspected that while doing your research, or even seen it as true.

But, for once, the creator of the Manifestation Hack is a very real person with very real qualifications and history.

He heads ‘City Hypnosis‘ [] of London, England. The company’s Twitter page has been there for over 5 years and has 2,000 followers, they have 1000 followers on Facebook, 60 videos on YouTube and nearly 3000 followers on Instagram. He even has a real, easy to find, phone number.

The offices really exist in a posh part of London. It’s set in a huge building that used to be the London Patent offices but has been renovated and now holds several businesses from law firms and solicitors to…. hypnotherapists.

Aaron Surtees appeared on British T.V. & Radio He studied at Southampton University. He’s a registered therapist. He has a real NHS provider number. He’s very real.

So, I hope that’s cleared that up!

What I Liked...

What I like about the Manifestation Hack:

  • It’s ridiculously cheap
  • There’s a 60-day money back guarantee
  • It’s subconsciously used and easy to implement
  • It’s by a real hypnotherapist (backed up with proof)
  • These methods work better than reading books

What I didn’t like About the Manifestation Hack:

  • The program is fine, but would rather have had a website detailing the program rather than just a 30-minute video sales page, but that doesn’t detract from the product itself.

In Summary

The Manifestation Hack is a subliminal meditation/hypnosis program using audio files to process positive affirmations into your subconscious mind. This is to override the negative thoughts that hold you back from manifesting the things you want.

The program is made by a trained and genuine hypnotherapist with unquestionable proof of his qualifications and experience.

With manifesting techniques and programs, some people have a real job in believing if a certain strategy can really work. There is far too much false information and too many snake oil salesmen making it difficult to find a genuine manifestation product online.

With all the evidence above, you can breathe easier knowing that the trust you put into this program is backed up. And, the cost of this program is tiny…$9!

I have reviewed audio manifestation programs many times, but none that are as low-cost as the Manifestation Hack by Aaron Surtees, especially one as transparent in its creator as this. It’s important nowadays, in a world of online manifestation scams, to seek out proof and evidence of the treatment you’re going to receive. I hope this little review will help you make that decision.

See The Video Evidence Here