Manifestation Meditation Works With Binaural Beats

Have you ever heard of Manifestation Meditation? Probably, but do you know how to use it, and more importantly, get results to improve all elements in your life?

Manifestation Meditationn

A very simple, yet, powerful technique to declutter all negative thoughts is through simple meditation. “Ah!”, you say, “but I’ve tried meditating and it never, ever, works

Well, to be honest with you, you may be trying too hard. You’ve probably been out and bought a few books on how to meditate, or delved into a YouTube video or two and tried to follow along….without any results.

That’s pretty normal. You see, meditating isn’t at all hard. You really don’t have to go deep into how and why it works, it’s as simple as listening to yourself in a relaxed state of mind. The rest will follow.

Manifestation Meditation is a way to clear your mind of negativity and rewire your brain for a positive mindset which will enable you to create the life you want.

A weighty book will often confuse you by trying to explain the process, or processes, that will enable you to visit this other world. And there the problem lays. Although well meaning, these books often go too far with their explanations of how to meditate.

So Many Ways To Meditate!

We have a crazy amount of techniques to confuse us, when all we need to do is get to Theta level…probably the easiest level to get to.

Who really needs to know about Transcendental meditation, spiritual meditation, focused meditation, Buddhist meditation, Kundalini and myriad of other ways to just focus your mind into a state of calmness and understanding.

You see, a whole other world opens up when you just hit theta level of meditation, and for most of us, this is all we need.

How Do We Get To Theta?

As I said earlier, we can buy books, watch videos and even try to get there unaided, but there is a much easier way. It’s also a quicker way to achieve Manifestation Meditation.

This is where it will sound like I’m going into sales mode, but there is no other way to put this across. I tried to find a very simple, affordable program that can get people to the Theta level of meditation, one that doesn’t involve reading a weighty tome, buying Nepalese singing bowls or lighting incense sticks.

As someone who evaluates products involving mindset issues, I came across the 15 Minute Manifestation program. Now, you’ve probably heard of this as it’s a program sold all across the Internet, but it has somewhat of a, shall we say, seedy reputation. This is because people try to sell the program without trying it out…just to get a commission.

Manifestation Meditation Works

Well, I and a few (only a few, mind) have tried it out and it’s exactly what I’ve been searching for to recommended to my mindset readers. If you go past the overhyped sales page and wild video, the 15 minute manifestation really is a good program at an affordable price.

Levels of Simple Manifestation Meditation

You see, to get to the theta level of meditation, the level we want, you have to go past two other levels. One, in which you are in now, the Beta level which means wide awake and fully conscious and two, which is Alpha level, is the state of mind in which we are relaxed, awake, but not really thinking about anything.

Once these two have been crossed off, we then enter Theta level where we will have the ability to stay there for a short time and work things out without dropping off into Delta level…fast asleep with no memory of dreaming.

The skill is very simple to attain, don’t read too much into getting there. It will happen.

With the 15 minute manifestation program we use Binaural beats which are sound frequencies that enter your mind at different levels to produce one pure tone. Better to let good old Wikipedia explain a little about it below.

When this all comes together, the tone sends you into relaxation mode and that’s exactly where we want to be. After a few days practice, we can get to a Manifestation Meditation mindset within a minute or two. With that said, I find it’s always best to make sure you have no distractions and that means no radio, phone, TV or imminent visitor.

This can’t always be guaranteed, but a great way to ensure you’re not disturbed is to invest in a good pair of noise cancelling headphones. It’s not a requirement as most people can find a window of 30 minutes or so to be completely alone and undisturbed.

I advise headphones for this meditating process to work to its optimum level. The binaural beats need to be the only sound you hear. Any kind of headphones will be fine as long as the sound quality is good.

What Makes The 15 Minute Manifestation Binaural Beats So Special?

They were conceived and tested by a guy named Eddie Sergey who, whether you believe his story or not (you can listen to his story here), produced some very decent binaural beats.

Apparently there are silent subliminal messages and affirmations included, but that’s neither here nor there, the important thing is that I’ve tested the beats out and they do get me to Theta level quicker than other binaural beats I’ve used, sometimes within a minute or two.

What is also a big plus for the 15 minute manifestation beats is that they only last for 15 minutes, so it’s highly unlikely you’ll drift into Delta level.

The process is very simple. Find a window where you won’t be disturbed. Put your headphones on and press play. If you haven’t tried meditation before, it may take you a few days to get the hang of it.

Just listen to the binaural beats and, at first, concentrate on the sounds.

Your job then is to simply imagine the things you want from life, but let me say this…only concentrate on one desire first.

Don’t go crazy, just go for the thing that is utmost in your mind at the moment. If you’re struggling with the concept of what to think about, there is a quick start guide to get you on your way.

Does Manifestation Meditation Work

How To Use The 15 Minute Manifestation

The sessions are over 21 days with three different binaural beat tracks. Track one for the first 7 days, track 2 for the next 7 and finally, track 3 for the last 7 days.

Track one intends to rewire your mind to a place where negativity rarely happened. This could go back to the innocent days of youth. It will start to dissolve your limiting beliefs.

Track two will help you realise all the worrying and self doubt you’ve felt in the past is nonsense. You will now begin to see new avenues of thought instead of the ‘stuck-in-the-mud’ thoughts you have now. It opens many new doors.

By track three, you should start to see things really happen positively in your life. Small differences that can change your future. Your mind is now open to accept the things you really want and is ready to dismiss, subconsciously, the things you don’t.

This is Manifestation Meditation at work.

With the package comes a simple set of instructions, namely, the quick start guide. You also get the 3 binaural beat tracks (of course) in which you listen to them for 15 minutes a day for 21 days in order.

Within these 21 days you will start to feel your mind becoming clearer than ever before. Problems will offer solutions instead of barriers. Decisions will be clear and instant, no more dithering or ‘what-if’s’

Selling The Idea

The way this program is sold to you, however, is a little woo-woo. They do make some bold promises which, I guess, is their way of selling it. But don’t be put off by the spiel, this really is a good way to sort out your mental problems.

They go down the road of saying manifesting what you want is as easy as just listening to binaural beats, which is a little misleading.

You can’t just sit there, listen and everything in your world will turn around. If only!

No, it needs your input to make it work,

But what they say does have a lot of truth in it. I guess you do have to have a certain amount of sensationalism to help sell the product they’re marketing, but what this product will do is ease you into meditation by the easiest route possible.

Following a simple set of rules does away with the complexity of learning how to meditate. It really is quite simple.

When something is easy to do, we tend to keep on doing it. Why complicate meditation when it really is very simple. The binaural beats makes it even easier.

What Do You Do When in Theta Mode?

Manifesting isn’t magic. It’s simply making the right decisions at the right time. But when your mind is full of doubt, fear and apprehension, those decisions become make or break time, and that’s where mistakes and failures unfold.

You may want to be richer, healthier, happier…whatever, but the huge barrier that’s stopping you is yourself. Your mind has been programmed from birth right up to where you are now and will be forever unless you change it. If life isn’t going the way you wanted, or expected, I’m afraid to say it’s mostly your own fault, or rather your mindsets fault.

It’s a fantastic achievement when you first realise that the life you’ve always wanted, that hasn’t happened, is all down to you!

When you reach theta level, things become very clear and focused, so much so that you can easily imagine what your desires really are and then be able to see the plan unfold.

So, achieving the life you’ve always desired can still happen, and again, it’s all down to you. Your mindset has to change, after all, the way it’s set now has done you no favours, has it?

How To Change Your Mindset For Happiness

We all have different ideas for happiness, some think money is the answer, some say having the perfect relationship is the way to go, some want to be healthier beyond their wildest dreams, but at the end of the day, it’s all the same. Becoming happy.

When meditating, you can hone in to what would make you perfectly happy. It could be anything…you already know by your gut instinct what it is, and meditating will bring it forward and produce it. That’s manifesting.

The problem many of us find is that we don’t know how to get what we want. The secret is to listen to your subconscious, that vast untapped entity inside all of us, and when we listen, we should act.

subconscious manifestation meditating
Listen To Your Subconscious Mind

You’ve Been Controlled From Birth

Your conscious mind is set by the world’s idea of how you should react to certain situations. You’ve been programmed by your parents, brothers, sisters, friends and those close to you. You know of no other way to think.

Some people have excellent mindsets and are successful in life. They probably don’t need to retrain the brain, they’re doing just fine. But if you don’t have what you want, or deserve, it’s time to flip the mindset to one that allows you to reap the rewards of a positive and proactive mindset.

Negativity is a huge barrier and has probably stalled you many times in your life. Why become a slave to negative thoughts? It gets you absolutely nowhere, in fact, it send you into reverse.

Whereas having a can-do mindset, without fear, will get you going forward faster than you would have ever imagined.

What’s stopping you? Do you feel it’s all mumbo jumbo? Do you think that changing your mind and habits is too hard? Maybe you just don’t believe in yourself. You could be in a comfort zone without realising it.

Sort it out and try Manifestation Meditation.

It’s All About YOU

binaural beats for meditation

When you know you are worth more than you are perceived today, at this very moment, then it’s time to find out what’s going wrong. Get inside your subconscious mind and put a stop to it.

Your subconscious mind knows exactly where you should be and it has all the answers…if only you could see it, feel it and understand it.

Yes, to you, right now, it’s a huge undertaking, or it seems so, but really it isn’t.

You need to take the leap and see what’s under your bonnet. Meditating will allow you to see the problems and more importantly, put them right.

Once you have a clear mindset of what you must do, then, and only then, can you do something about it.

And as I said, the easiest way to reach that subconscious mind is by meditating and listening to your inner self. That’s why I recommended the 15 minute manifestation program.

It’s simple, it’s easy and it works. The only problem with the whole program is its user. And that is a problem that only the user can sort out.

That may sound harsh, but I’m only trying to hammer home the simplicity of changing your mindset from losing to winning. It may take weeks, but that is a tiny timescale in the grand scheme of things, the fact is, you have a chance to change your life beyond all recognition.

Using a simple program like the 15 minute manifestation, the willingness of the user and the realisation that your future self, is all in your very own hands.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You want to win at life, not to consistently lose
  • Want to enjoy life instead of just drifting along
  • Want to make decisions easy instead of hard
  • Get what you want, not what you don’t want
  • Be happy, contented and in charge of your life
  • Be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise?

Then You Should:

  • Meditate to theta level
  • Clear your mind of negativity
  • Understand and react to your subconscious mind
  • Easily become PRO-active
  • Try Binaural Beats Manifestation Meditation
  • Start Believing in YOURSELF

Doing this will give you a whole new perspective on life. Once you’ve been through the 15 minute manifestation program you will notice how easily things come to you. It’s not magic, it’s a change of mindset.

The 21 days of listening to the binaural beats will become a habit, so it doesn’t stop there. You will find yourself habitually listening to the beats, especially when you notice the first few subtle, positive changes that occur in your everyday routines.

This is the simplest, easiest and most cost effective way to retrain your mindset. There are other binaural beat programs out there, but none that can put across the simplicity of how easy it is to change your life. Begin here.

Common sense, logical and very, very doable!

Final Words

One final word of warning – Nothing will work for you if you don’t take this seriously. This is not a quick magic formula that will change you overnight. Meet Manifestation Meditation in the middle and do your fair share of work. You’ll be very happy that you did.

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