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The Ninja Mindset Table Of Contents eBook

*No Longer Available

Instead of listing the contents of The Ninja Mindset in my review, I have put the list of sections and chapters here. As you can see, there is a lot of content inside totaling 176 pages.

Ancient Ninja Secrets With the Ninja Mindset

Table of Contents

Section 1: You and Your Mindset

Chapter 1: The Most Important Thing in Your Life
The Types of Mindset
Where Your Mindset Comes From
Practicing Zen

Chapter 2: Why Your Mindset is So Important
Why Your Mindset is Important
What You Think, You Are
Breaking Cultural Programming
Practicing Zen

Chapter 3: What is the Ninja Mindset?
The Ultimate Mindset
The Men Behind the Mindset
The Ninja Mindset and Your World
How to Create the Ninja Mindset
Practicing Zen

Section 2: The Ninja Mindset

Chapter 4: The First Steps
Embrace Change
Say Yes More Often
Set and Hit Regular Targets
Practicing Zen

Chapter 5: A Ninja Is Fearless
Understanding Your Fight or Flight Response
Battling Your Fears
Eradicating Your Fears
Running Scared: Your Race to a Fear-Free Existence
Practicing Zen

Section 3: Secret Ninja Techniques

Chapter 6: Stealth Mind Control
Master Stealth Mind Control

Chapter 7: The Shadow Technique
Master The Shadow Technique

Chapter 8: Ninja Coding
Master Ninja Coding

Chapter 9: Shinobu Focus
Master Shinobu Focus

Chapter 10: The Grappling Hook Technique
Master The Grappling Hook Technique

Chapter 11: Fear Invisibility Cloak
Master The Invisibility Cloak

Chapter 12: The Caltrop Technique
Master The Caltrop Technique

Section 4: The Way of The Mindset Ninja

Chapter 13: The Grand Master Principle

Chapter 14: The Power of The Ninja Clan

Chapter 15: The Art of Kaizen

Chapter 16: Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Chapter 17: The Quiet Mind of the Ninja

Chapter 18: Life as a Mission
Practicing Zen

Section 5: The Shuriken Method

Point 1: A Ninja Knows What He Wants
Exercise – Let’s work out what you want

Point 2: A Ninja Does Whatever It Takes
Can You Wait?
How Bad Do You Want It?
Are You Willing To Do WhatEVER It Takes?
What Are You Prepared to Sacrifice?
Exercise – Let’s work out if you are willing

Point 3: A Ninja Always Has A Plan?
Keeping Track
Exercise – Let’s Do A Quick Plan

Point 4: A Ninja Takes Immediate Action
Exercise – The Big Plan

Point 5: Ninjas Believe In Themselves
Practicing Zen

Section 6: Putting it All Together

You, Your Mindset and the Ninja Mindset

Secret Ninja Techniques

Your Path to Success

The Shuriken Method

Ancient Ninja Secrets With the Ninja Mindset