11 Pillars for a Solid Mindset That Breeds Success

A solid mindset takes time to create, but the effort is well worth it. Once our mind automatically commands us to ‘do the right thing‘ in any situation, we’ve basically won life! Here are 11 pillars we should implement in life to build a strong, solid mindset to finally take control.

solid mindset

It's All in the Mind

When our lives are not turning out the way we expected they would, we tend to blame the hard luck stories that we’ve encountered, throughout life, as an excuse for our present situation and circumstances. But dwelling on hard luck stories can cause havoc to our future plans.

If we make a mistake, or make the wrong decision, we sometimes refuse the learn from it. It then becomes a negative, rather than a positive.

Our mindset is something we can control but to reap the benefits of a solid mindset, certain things must change.

Throughout our lives, we make decisions based on other people’s thoughts. We always asking friends and family ‘Am I making the right decision?’ and ‘What do you think I should do?

Some will give good advice, some not, but whatever decision is taken, it’s almost always tainted by someone else.

Just say you wanted to start your own business…go it alone. You’ve decided to become, for example, a self employed gardener.

You enjoy gardening, you’re pretty good at it and you have the tools…all you need is customers.

It’s something you’ve always wanted to do and the 9-5 you currently dread just isn’t cutting it for you!

So, you ask around your friends to see if they think it’s a good idea. Immediately, you’re given various degrees of advice, from ‘Brilliant idea…go for it’ to ‘You would be crazy…the gardening game is saturated…don’t give up your day job!’

Already you’re doubting your initial thoughts. Yes, it’s sometimes good to listen to advice, but it can also kill your plans at the same time. The whole idea becomes somewhat soured.

Just think. You had an idea that would make you happy. It is something you’ve always wanted to do and you can see the many benefits from taking the plunge would accrue. But you didn’t do it.

You will now forever be wondering what would have happened if you’d just tried.

Taking the Risk

Now, say you decided to go with your desire. It’s a life changing moment and a little scary, but it’s what YOU have always wanted to do. How do you get into the solid mindset that will see you achieve your desires, erase all doubt and become a success?

I will list below the 11 pillars that I see will make you become a happy, contented and successful human being rather than the frustrated, empty-handed naysayer you might have become if you hadn’t decided to follow your dream.

I will make a post of each of the 11 pillars you need for a solid mindset in further posts, but for now, here they are as a brief summary:

The 11 Pillars of a Solid Mindset

It’s vitally important to have a clear vision of your end goal. Start at the end so you know the result before you begin. If you have a dream, make that dream come true by believing it’s going to happen. Plan first what you perceive will happen and then go for it with undoubted action. The journey to get to that dream will include all 11 pillars and should be completed to the very best of your ability.

Dedicate yourself to the dream. Treat this as your one and only chance to get what you need and drive yourself on and on. You must commit to the plan and be aware that you are acting in the best interest of yourself and of those around you. If you need to make sacrifices and go out of your comfort zone, then so be it. The only time you will let yourself down is if you quit.

Don’t blame anyone for your mistakes, because you will make them. The important thing is to learn from those mistakes and realise that sometimes you will be wrong. The best education is understanding that you are in control of the situation, so it will be you who takes responsibility. Take time to look over your successes along the way and be prepared to change things if it’s not as it should be. Be accountable to your super solid mindset.

Be prepared to learn new skills and stick to them. You will always be learning (it never ends) so get disciplined in understanding new stuff. Go online to find a way of further improvement or read books on a subject that can drive you towards your goal. The vision of what you want to be, or where you want to be, will be increased with knowledge. Educate yourself.

Solid Mindset Confidence

Be positive in every respect and have total confidence that the vision you have of your goal is undoubted. Erase negativity as soon as it enters your thought process. Approach tasks with strength of mind and a courage so strong that it will be impossible to fail. Not overconfidence, but disciplined confidence. Try not to doubt ideas and, more importantly, never doubt yourself.

Be proud, but not overbearing. Always deal in facts and be humble of your achievements. There will always be someone who knows just a little more than you, so be prepared for sensible debate and be prepared to learn new facts to enhance a solid mindset. Being modest will also keep you in check and make sure you’re not getting too big for your boots!

Days will come when your blood will boil at a remark or comment that you don’t agree with. It’s human nature for people to ‘bait’ others or go fishing for bites, but keep your emotions in check. If you need to address an emotional situation, take a step back. Think about what has been said and respond in a quiet, dignified, but factual way. Blowing your top shows weakness.

Self Belief
The belief you can be successful in your quest is steeped in self confidence. The belief you have in your abilities must be cast in iron. If you make mistakes then add them to your list of education lessons, learn from them and then conquer them. Believe you can and you will, believe you can’t and you won’t. The stronger your mindset becomes, the easier it is to believe in yourself.

Develop a strong ethic in which you live by your principles. Be straight with people and don’t be afraid to say what you mean. If you’re honest with yourself, other will respect it. If you show integrity by your actions, nobody will step in your way and your confidence will soar.

Rome wasn’t built in a day’, they say and so true it is. If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. When things get in the way on your journey to a solid mindset, and it’s bound to happen, rise above it and crack on. Change your plans if need be and never become impatient. Enjoy the ride with all it’s bumps and corners…it’s all part of the journey.

Roll up your sleeves, always take action and, as Nike say, Just Do It! Do not procrastinate or overthink. Work at this like you’ve never worked before because action equals results. Live and breathe your plan until it becomes reality. And then keep going.

Now It’s Up to You

There are 11 pillars to conquer here, but just thinking about them won’t change much in your mindset or your life. Simply knowing what to do is not enough. You need to, and it’s been used so many times before, is take action.

To take this all seriously, and you must if you want to succeed in your dream, will see many changes in your life. There will be sacrifices and places you don’t want to go or things you don’t want to do, but it gets easier when your solid mindset begins to evolve.

Those things you felt difficult to do or say will become natural, even a little exciting.

To get the 11 pillars to a solid mindset down to an art will mean taking big steps. There is nothing half hearted about the process. You either want it or you don’t. It’s as simple as that

Life Is Not A Rehearsal

Remember, we are all but a brief entity of pulsating molecules that just happen to reside in the Goldilocks Zone of the universe. We are here in a blink-of-an-eye’s worth of time and our reason for being here is just not clear. So why not make the most of it whilst we can?

Living a life full of regret and doubt confounds our very existence.. Shouldn’t we be taking risks and enjoying the ride? Shouldn’t we spend the brief moment we have to live a life of happiness and contentment? Shouldn’t we try our best?

All questions to ponder but what it all comes down to is using common sense, logic and a purpose to make our lives worth living. Find your purpose and reach for the stars!

And that all begins with a solid mindset.