The Ninja Mindset System Review (By Real Member)

*As of September 2018, this book seems have been taken off sale. We will update if anything changes anytime soon. Hopefully, it won’t be long before it’s available again.*
The Ninja Mindset is a 172-page eBook with 4 bonus programs which includes an audiobook. It reportedly can change your mindset, enabling you to finally live the life you want. I grabbed this product because I wanted to see if the book lives up to the hype. Changing a mindset is a difficult challenge to conquer for anyone, so is The Ninja Mindset a way to make the process easier? Find out in my review below as a full member.

The Ninja Mindset System by Luke Payten

 The Ninja Mindset System has only just been released and I have been going through the system for the last few days building a complete review.

I take mindset change programs very seriously because there are an awful lot of products out there that can just feed you bullshit, take your money and run. The buyer ends up with a confusing plan without a clue how mindset changes work and how they affect everyday life.

Changing a mindset is the secret to living by the Law of Attraction and understanding how manifesting works. If you can alter your frame of mind into a positive train of thought, eradicating negativity…then you’re well on your way to living the life you desire. No Bull.

Yes, This is a REAL Members Review

The Ninja Mindset by Luke Payten Empower Your Mind

I picked up the The Mindset Ninja to see if it was as good as the sales page says. I take these kind of publications seriously because I’ve come across many that do more damage than good.

Altering a mindset takes more than just thinking about it. You need to put in a lot of effort and make sacrifices if you want the life you desire.

With that in mind, the review below will seek out if Luke Payten’s book can take you in the right direction for a better life and steer you towards your end goal of happiness.

A Word Of Warning First...

Significant mindset changes will only work if you want to completely alter your lifestyle. Many people are not prepared to go that extra mile to force that mindset change. An individual may be in such a position of negativity that it seems almost impossible that they can ever get out of their present situation and to ever feel positive again.

The feeling of apathy and use of lethargy will only make things infinitely worse when in fact it’s far easier to just get up and do something about it. The actionable steps to change a mindset are not that big, they just seem big because you’ve never given them a realistic chance to work.

If we don’t know how to change our mindset, then we need to be told how to do it by people who have seen undoubted changes in their lives and then to follow in their footsteps.

When I read some publications, I can weed out the real from the fantasy theorists and in the case of The Ninja Mindset, I have found someone who knows the mindset inside and out. I can tell by the amount of detailed explanations in the content and can feel the passion of the writer. He’s been there, succeeded and now wants to relay his experiences through The Ninja Mindset System.

The Ninja Mindset In A Nutshell

The Ninja Mindset is a LOT different from many publications around mindset change. By that, I mean that several authors tend to sugar-coat the process of mindset change and don’t really give it to you straight.

The Mindset Ninja doesn’t hold back in telling you the truth about what’s needed to positively change your circumstances. To me, this is like a breath of fresh air.

I read many books about mindset change, some from very illustrious authors that manage to pack their content into hundreds of pages or even charge huge amounts for courses so we can feed off their knowledge. But, they still manage to leave a fair bit of detail out in what the individual needs to do if they are to change their future. It’s a huge undertaking to explain the process.

To be honest, I was surprised at the level of detail Luke Payten has poured out into the Ninja Mindset.

I’ve been in contact with him recently and he really is the real deal. He’s just a regular guy who has the ability to explain his advice so well that anyone can understand.

He isn’t afraid to let you have both barrels either. In the book, you will find out what kind of a person you are and at what mindset level you need to be at to change your lifestyle to the one you dream of.

Luke Payten

You Need This

I will go as far to say that The Mindset Ninja will be the last book you will read on mindset change because it’s all in here. There is nothing more to it than what is written in this publication. It’s worth reading repeatedly to hammer home the details of what you need to live a better life.

My advice to you is to simply invest in it. Take your time reading through the 172 pages and then take action. Don’t just leave it there though. Keep dipping back into the book as a reminder. The content of explanations and advice in some parts is difficult to absorb in one reading, but that’s good because once you understand, you will have it ingrained to your mindset for good.

In saying that, the mindset ninja is an easy read and very well written and you will experience many moments of motivation as you drink in the advice.

The Ninja Mindset Book - The Content

The Ninja Mindset starts off with an introduction to how Luke Payten used the system for his own mindset change. After moving to Japan, he set about studying the ancient and modern teachings of mindset changes.

He was particularly fascinated by how ancient ninja warriors had such a strength of mind to overcome and defeat the most troubling of situations.

He came to the conclusion that he needed to change his life, once and for all, after being totally dissatisfied and frustrated with his own circumstances. By researching the ninja mindset, he was able to turn his life around and become the person he always wanted to be.

He admits it wasn’t easy, but by going through this life change and finding success, his intention now is to motivate and teach the success he found by recording and authoring the Ninja Mindset system.

And I believe him. After going through the book thoroughly, I was left with a sense of trust. It’s rare to find a publication about mindset change where I have total confidence in the writer’s experience. Luke has obviously been through the pain barrier of failure, but has risen to become one of life’s successes.

In the Mindset Ninja, you too can become a better person and live the life you’ve always wanted to.

Ancient Ninja Secrets With the Ninja Mindset

Chapters and Sections

The rest of the book is taken up by sections that gradually help set your mindset. This includes unraveling the type of mindset you have right now, what kind of mindset you should ultimately have, how to change mindset with Ninja techniques and how to stay in the mindset that will bring you happiness and success.

There are 6 sections and 18 chapters…far too many to list here, but if you want to see the table of contents, you can find it all here (Opens in a new tab). Everything is in order so you can easily follow along with a gentle flow.

Luke stays consistent throughout the book with references from ancient Ninja techniques that he applies to change and discipline the mindset.

The aim of the book is to train your mind to act and react as a ninja warrior would. This may sound dramatic, but those ninja’s were incredible people and we can learn so much from their techniques…as Luke proves.

methods1 The Ninja Mindset Method

These are some of the ninja techniques you will learn and apply in your journey to a better life. All are explained fully in The Ninja Mindset book with examples and exercises you can, and must, follow. The whole process is a journey of enlightenment towards your end goal.

method2 The Ninja Mindset

You may feel this review is perhaps going over the top as a recommendation for Luke Payten’s book, but I assure you, if you really want to change your life and lifestyle, then get The Ninja Mindset.

I rarely give such glowing recommendations!

Not Everyone Will Succeed - Fair Warning!

Of course, The Ninja Mindset won’t be for everyone. Some will read it but do nothing about it. Those are the ones who don’t really want to put the effort in and therefore don’t really want their life changing that much.

This is for people who are tired of what life has been dealing them, tired of always getting the shitty end of the stick and those who know they deserve better from life.

If you fit into the first criteria, don’t get the Ninja Mindset. If you’re not desperate to change your life, then this book won’t do anything for you. It may give you motivation, but without action it won’t do a thing…it will be just an enjoyable read.

However, if you’re prepared to make sacrifices and not be afraid of making life changing decisions…the Ninja Mindset WILL change your life. It cannot fail to do so IF you follow along and then actually put the techniques into practice.

That means erasing your present mindset and actively replacing it with the Ninja Mindset. Big steps indeed. Are you willing to dig that deep to change your life? If you are, then get the Ninja Mindset and go on a journey that will transform your life for the good.

Watch the Video

It seems the creator of The Ninja Mindset has taken this course down. I will update the links when it’s back up for sale.

Text Version

Hopefully, the Ninja Mindset will be back with us soon. It is one of the most powerful ebooks on Mindset I’ve come across.

The Ninja Mindset Bonuses (With Audio Book)

The Audio Book:

The Ninja Mindset also comes with an audio book. The narration is crisp and clear and is broken down into 25 sections. My advice is to read the Ninja Mindset first and then go through it again using the audio book. This is a quality recording that you can listen to anytime, anywhere, including the car, relaxing in bed just before you drift off to sleep or even out on a walk or run. Very much worth having.

10 Super Humans To Inspire You:

This gives a mini bio and reasons why you should listen to these trailblazers. Sir Richard Branson, Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin, Warren Buffet, Andrew Carnegie, Coco Chanel, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison Henry Ford, William Henry, “Bill” Gates III, Akio Morita. A heady list of successful people whose mindset was set in stone the right way.

15 Instant Motivation Boosters and 10 Procrastination Killers:

67 pages of ways to get motivated and methods to beat the enemy of procrastination. Always handy to have around because motivation and procrastination go hand in hand with the latter being the real killer.

16 No Fail Techniques to Have Cast Iron Willpower:

16 great techniques to add to your mindset arsenal. Willpower can make or break you and if you know how to combat it, you’re ready to make incredible changes.

Ancient Ninja Secrets With the Ninja Mindset

Final Words For The Ninja Mindset

I know you’ve probably read many reviews for The Ninja Mindset, but how many of those reviewers have a passion for Mindset techniques? Not many.

This review is from someone who managed to change his mindset from being a self defeating, depressed, over anxious and miserable human being into a self respecting, happy, confident person who now loves life.

I did this by myself after suddenly realizing, ‘Hey, why is life kicking me around like a rag doll’. I did it because I needed to. This happened 7 years ago, a long time before The Ninja Mindset came along.

Now that it’s here, I can relate to everything Luke has experienced and written. If I could write a book about Mindset change, I would hope it would be as powerful as The Mindset Ninja.

If you really have had enough of how life has panned out for you, then it’s time to change. It’s never too late to alter your programmed mind and step into a world of abundance. It will be a journey, but an enjoyable one in which you will be both proud and astounded at what you can achieve.

Let the journey begin.

More From Luke Payten

In addition to the Ninja Mindset Book, you get the chance to learn meditation to speed up your mindset change. This is a separate offer from Luke and involves a meditation course in both guided and subliminal binaural beats.

Meditating can really be beneficial for seeing things in a different perspective. It allows your mind to focus on what really matters at the time and will give you ways of dealing with them without confusion or doubt.

You mindset can be transformed into a positive action machine by just reaching down into your subconscious. It will also lift the many worries and problems that you’ve encountered throughout your life.

It’s no wonder meditation has so much respect.

The Ninja Mindset Accelerator Zen Series

The six powerful binaural beat tracks are as follows:

the ninja mindset accelerator zen series

If you haven’t meditated before, or have tried but failed to make it work, then the Accelerator will guide you through the process with an introduction and then six 20-minute binaural beat tracks.

You can either chose the guided meditation tracks, mainly for beginners, or the subliminal tracks for when you get more experienced.

The subliminal tracks still have messages throughout, but you will hardly be able to hear them, if at all. They are placed subliminally.

As you can see by the titles, they are there to strengthen your mindset, and if you’ve been through the Ninja Mindset book, you will realise these tracks can bolster your efforts even more.

As I meditate myself, I have been through the tracks in my sessions and can say they are of top quality. Using the Ninja Mindset book with these tracks will empower you even further to find the life you desire.

Highly recommended as an add on to The Ninja Mindset.

Inspirational Wisdom Quotes

Another of Luke’s products is another audio/ebook program, This one is called Inspirational Wisdom. It’s a collection of 1000 quotes to inspire you. The audio tracks are available to download straight to your tablet, phone, laptop or PC.

There are 10 individual tracks which each include 100 Quotes for:


inspirational wisdom quotes the ninja mindset

Each track has 100 top level quotes, so whatever subject you need inspiration for, your bound to find it here. Being in mp3 format, they also allow you to listen to them whenever you like.

The Inspirational Wisdom quotes are also available to download as an eBook, so if you prefer reading them and letting them really sink in, then the option is there.

Finally, there are two bonus eBooks given away with the above programs, these are:

the 12 principles of personal achievement

The 12 Principles of Personal Achievement. A 59-page eBook showing you how to maximize your potential and live your dream life..

mindfulness and inner peace

Mindfulness and Inner Peace. This is a 75-page eBook with 25 Personal Growth Lessons for living your best life.

The Ninja Mindset System

So, you can see the whole Ninja Mindset System is laid out in front of you. You can either pick up just the Ninja Mindset eBook, (which is amazingly powerful) and work with it to escape the life you have now and change it for the life you’ve always wanted.

Or you can take The Ninja Mindset book and apply some add-ons. The ‘extra’s’ are not needed as the book is really all you should need, but with meditation, it can help with the process and you will learn, finally, how to meditate.

Whatever you choose, make no mistake, this is your chance to change your life once and for all. It’s right here, right in front of you. Everything is here with the exception of YOU.

Without your dedication and commitment to this program, you will find yourself in the same place as you were last year, or 5 years ago, or 10.

Here are the tools, now you can learn to use them and master them.

Ancient Ninja Secrets With the Ninja Mindset