The Most Powerful Creation Of Success Is Within All Of Us – USE IT!

The Secret Mirror 3.0 For The Life You Imagined

The Secret Mirror 3.0 aims to find the answers as to why manifesting probably isn’t working for you. It’s a powerful technique that will change your mindset into an abundance seeking machine. Not everyone is brave enough to listen to their own advice, but with The Secret Mirror 3.0 you will understand that the advice you give yourself is often the best advice around!

the secret mirror 3 with joe vitale

What Is The Secret Mirror 3.0?

The Secret Mirror 3.0 is a online membership course from Joe Vitale who has many successful programs all relating to improving your life. Once investing in the course, you will automatically become a member of the The Secret Mirror group and will be emailed your login details.

Once logged in, you can start the course straight away by watching, listening and applying the instructions in the 4 modules of the Secret Mirror.

The main aim of the program is to dig deep into your unconscious mind by sitting opposite a mirror. You will look deep into your own eyes and begin to find answers to your most searching questions as to why your life has not manifested into the life you desire.

You don’t need anything more than a mirror, Joe Vitale’s initial instructions and to be honest with yourself, willing to commit to the program and find a quiet 15 minutes a day.

The aim is to imagine your future self, then be able to ask your most searching questions regarding your manifestations. If you feel there is something missing from becoming a successful manifestor, you will find the answers by listening to your future self.

Sound quirky? Read on.

Does the Secret Mirror Work?

The short answer is yes, but there are caveats to how successful it could be for you.

Everything you have learned since you were old enough to understand instruction has been stored in your subconscious (or unconscious) mind, as well as your instant ‘in the now’ conscious mind.


Some things you wish you could remember, whilst others things you wish you could forget, but be in no doubt that all your experiences since the day you were born are in your mind…it is VAST.

All this stuff stored away means you already have a huge experience of life, we just choose not to use it very much. We ‘forget’, we ‘ignore’ and we ‘deny’.

In a perfect world, wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could flick to the back of our minds and scroll through our very own mind index? Wouldn’t that be great? Just look up a word, name or experience and go to that page.

We could then find the answer to whatever problem is blocking our way to the life we desire.

But all we tend to do is listen to the first thing that jumps to the surface and then either dismiss it and look for the alternative or act on it only to sometimes regret it later.

What if we could relax, take time to listen and then act on the answers we find, knowing they are the right answers?

Well, we can, but it takes time to get to that level of confidence in the answers to our questions.

joe vitale secret mirror

Imagine if you had the ability to see yourself. and your circumstances, 6 months from now. What would you ask yourself? I suspect right now you would see yourself living very much the same life you are now. Would that disappoint you?

Now, with some intended imagination and a little training, how about seeing yourself in 6 months time as a successful, contented and worry free person of happiness. How would that make you feel?

No, really think about it.

This is not an impossible happening. Your mindset determines where you are right at this moment in time. Perhaps it’s a life you don’t like, or you’re disappointed that nothing truly wonderful happens to you…or maybe you’ve resigned yourself to a life of mediocrity or worse, misery.

Why do this to yourself?

This is where The Secret Mirror technique comes into play. You will get to a state of mind where you will not accept that your future will be so downcast and instead see it for what it really can be…a wonderful life.

You are the only person who is able to tap into your own subconscious and benefit from your vast life experiences. Therefore, you are the only one who can make this happen.

Now, this will take work on your behalf to not only see yourself in 6 months time but to be able to ask yourself questions and act on the answers you recieve. Also, you should be in awe of the positivity pouring out of your future self. You will listen, act and be driven by your future self…it’s you but not as you know yourself at this point in time, but you of the future.

Yes, your mind can be that powerful. And it’s in all of us.

The Secret Mirror Techniques

You will find a quiet time during your day and sit opposite a mirror. Any mirror is fine and you can also use a webcam.

Joe Vitale will guide you through the Secret Mirror technique. After a time you will know the process by heart, but will always have Joe for back up.

It will be up to you how long your sessions last. It can be 15 minutes or up to an hour and you can do this anytime during the day or night.

There is a series of steps to take which enables you to get into an almost meditative state of mind, in fact, you will be meditating, in the zone or in a state of fixed concentration.

When you get to this stage, you will have a set of questions you will have prepared in an earlier module. These questions will relate to whatever you want to manifest in your life. You may have tried manifesting before, but have failed or reached a block where you can’t seem to get any further. This is your chance to unblock those barriers by listening to your future self.

Some of the answers you may not like, but you know they are the correct ones because they will push you out of the comfort zone that has been holding you back all this time.

You will start to understand that a healthy and positive mindset can, and will, change your life.

Reality Check

Now, here’s the caveat. Not everyone will be willing to act on the results. If you don’t commit to the actions you have to do in order to change your life, nothing will happen and you will be exactly in the same place you are now in 6 months time. Isn’t that a depressing thought?

Joe Vitale has been in the trenches. He has been penniless, homeless and at a point in his life when nothing mattered. But with steely determination, he has managed to turn his life around by doing exactly what he preaches in his programs.

The Secret Mirror Mindset

The answer to attracting all the things you want in life are within you. With the process of changing your mindset and implanting your future self into it, you will want, yearn, for the life you have seen and it’s all within your grasp. No magic, no wishing or praying things will turnaround for you…it’s already there waiting for you to take it.

The Secret Mirror 3.0 will set you on the road to the life you desire. Be prepared to get uncomfortable and be ready to step outside of your comfort zone.

Do this and your life will be all that you imagined it should be.