You Against Yourself

To try and achieve everything may end up with you not achieving anything. You must understand that material things don’t matter, but internal satisfaction does.

Strange couple of lines, but they mean so much. Basically be positive, realistic and sure.

you against yourself

You against Yourself

The outlook that you hold of your life is up to you. You can either choose to be an optimist and love what life has for you, or remain a negative thinker and overlook even the good things around. Either way, it’s eventually YOU who’ll undergo the immediate and lasting effects.

Positive thinkers have an edge over their counterparts. The former tends to be more content and satisfied, thus leading pleasant lives. There are several physical and mental benefits of positive thinking, a few are listed below.

How to Achieve All That?

Now that you know some of the overwhelming and lasting benefits of positive thinking, you’ll want to know how to make that happen. In the beginning, it might be a little difficult, but as you keep practicing the following positive thinking strategies, it’ll eventually become an effortless task for you.

1. Breathing Calms You Down

Certain events and circumstances in life cause anger and anxiety. You feel like screaming your lungs out. However, it’s best to calm yourself down quickly and think positive.

Deep breathing helps to take away the anger and helps clear the mind before dealing with the situation.

2. Recharge and Visualize the Big Picture

Spend some time alone so that you can think more rationally. It’s not always about competing with others. At times, it’s just about yourself. Give yourself time to relax and recharge.

Look inside your mind to gather your thoughts and put them into perspective. Being in a crowd can skew your responses.

3. You are What Others are Not

There’s a very large segment of individuals who compare themselves to others all their lives. And what they conclude in the end is that they can’t be like others. Of course, you can’t because you simple aren’t meant to. You are unique in yourself, and this individuality vanishes when you try to be like others.

Be inspired, but not comparative.

4. Another Dull Day is Another Day Wasted

Keep smiling, love yourself, and spread happiness wherever you go! There’s no use wasting your energy thinking about the past. No other action can give you as much satisfaction as making someone’s day does.

Remember, there’s something in you that makes others happy so use your energy for a worthy cause.

5. Reach Out to Loved Ones

Whenever a negative thought disturbs you, reach out to your loved ones. Your kind parents, loving siblings, caring spouse, and supporting friends won’t let you down.

They’ll show you the brighter side of the picture so that you feel better again. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice.

6. Boost Yourself and Remember the Cause

We all experience tough times at one point or another. Failure, problems, and conflicts are strong reasons to lead to disappointment, agreed. Nevertheless, the end result of struggle is often compelling enough to keep trying.

So whenever, negative thoughts are about to overwhelm you, think of what you’ll achieve in the end. Keep focused on the goal.

7. Accept You Aren’t Perfect, No One Is

Positive thinking teaches you to accept reality. It helps you to strive for better things without being negative. However, we all have certain deficiencies so accept these. Don’t ever feel bad thinking you are incapable or less skilled – we all are in one way or the other.

Nobody’s perfect.

8. Take Opportunities as They Arise

To many people, difficulties in life are meant to break them. However, ask positive thinkers and they’ll say that they take every road block as another opportunity to grow.

Take hurdles and obstacles positively, devise a plan to overcome these, and you’ll find yourself better off.

9. Be Thankful

Appreciate every little thing that you have. Every bit of your life helps you become what you are. Don’t take something simple like nature for granted.

Your body is unique, be thankful for it. Be happy that you can witness the world…not everyone can.

10. Develop your own Mantra

A short and influential statement to revive your energy proves to be highly effective in times of need. Make a mantra and say it loud whenever you feel low.

Look yourself in the eye and tell yourself that you are in charge of YOU.


Positivity is everywhere! You just need to be open to let it enter your life!